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Thanks for checking out our website. Take a look around and see some of the great features this script has to offer. With it's unique templating engine you can completely customise the look and feel of the script in a short time with a basic knowledge of html and Web design. Creating your own templates is a breeze.

Featured Game

F1 Chinese GPF1 Chinese GP
Test your engines in this fact-paced Formula 1 racing game. You're the red car as you bomb it around

Latest Content

Yeti Sports 3 Yeti Sports 3
'The aim is to see how high you can throw the penguin, with a lil help from the sea lions.'
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Yeti Sports 2 Yeti Sports 2
Hit the penguin onto the dart board
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Rigelian Hotshots Rigelian Hotshots
Dodge obstacles as a fireball in this exciting game!
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Worm Hole Worm Hole
Navigate your space ship as far as you can through the Gaudian Wormhole tunnel.
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Wire Skeleton Wire Skeleton
An addictive funny game with a scientific background - Make the skeleton dance to your tunes!
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Xiao Xiao 2 Xiao Xiao 2
The second of The Xiao Xiao series created by Zhu.
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Action Games

Shotgun Defend The FlagShotgun Defend The Flag
Defend your flag from the attacking stick men - shoot them dead before they pull down your flag.
Stickman Sam 2Stickman Sam 2
Now that his training is complete Sam goes on his first real mission: Into the Darkness!
Walk around aimlessly through a demon infested world and kill them with your chain!
Stop the mosquitos sucking your blood!
Road CarnageRoad Carnage
'Slam the pedal to the ground and run over those pedestrians, smash into cars but don`t crash too mu
Hungry BobHungry Bob
Click on Bob to make him jump and grab the food he likes.

Arcade Games

Bad Shadow BrothersBad Shadow Brothers
Mixing the ice with bubbles
The Great EscapeThe Great Escape
Educative game to teach about importance of calcium intake
Pest AttackPest Attack
Clean up the house - get rid of all the rats and spiders
Play a sword-wielding smiley-like fighter game
Super SonicSuper Sonic
Play Sonic the Hedgehog in this fast pace gold coin collecting game
Move The BallMove The Ball
Move the ball along the track and avoid touching the wall

Casino Games

Let It RideLet It Ride
This is one of the Casino games that make use of Poker rules
The Worm RaceThe Worm Race
Bet on the fastest worm in the worm race
Caribbean PokerCaribbean Poker
Pay upto 100 for 1 in this Caribbean Poker if you manage a Royal Flush
Colusseum Casino Blackjack
Pirates RevengePirates Revenge
Slot machine with a pirate theme.There will be a nice loot!
Test your luck in this Keno game with 80 numbers

Puzzle Games

Rickshaw JamRickshaw Jam
This is a remake of the classic chinese puzzle. You have to get the ricksaw out of heavy traffic and
Capture the invading alien before time run out
Add Like MadAdd Like Mad
Add the tiles to match the number on the right side of the screen. Eliminate as many tiles as possib
Cherry Bomb TetrisCherry Bomb Tetris
'Yet another Tetris game, objectives are obvious ?but with some differences. U can collect fire crac
Jail EscapeJail Escape
Find your way out of the jail cell by using logic.
Raise all 25 blocks as fast as you can by simply clicking on them.

Shooting Games

Spank the MonkeySpank the Monkey
Blast as many monkey as you can in two minute time.
Bird HuntingBird Hunting
Shoot as many birds as you can.
Backyard BrawlBackyard Brawl
In this game you pick a player and beat each other up with weird items.
Boss Monster: HDBoss Monster: HD
Destroy the pesky humans by blowing up their planes they try and take you out with!
Thing ThingThing Thing
'This is a short but excellent side-scrolling game. Help the hero escape from the prison, killing al
Agent KAgent K
You are attempting to make it onto the SWAT team. Go through 3 training rounds with satisfactory re

Sports Games

Ping PongPing Pong
This is another version of Pong
Monkey Cliff DivingMonkey Cliff Diving
Dive off from the cliff but doní»t get the monkey kill
League BowlingLeague Bowling
Bowling game with cute expression after each bowl
Rural RacerRural Racer
Race around town in your car.
Monkey CurlingMonkey Curling
Play the sport Curling with three monkeys.
Surf's UpSurf's Up
Surf for all you're worth. Pull off jumps & spins to earn points.

Other Games

Ghost Motel 11Ghost Motel 11
'Tabitha's evil twin, Ahtibat, escaped from a mirror and you must find her before something bad happ
Steeplechase ChallengeSteeplechase Challenge
Jump and whip at the corrct timing to beat the computer controlled horses
Scratch SimulatorScratch Simulator
A nice application for Dj to be
Dancing QueenDancing Queen
Dance to the beat
Rebel DriveRebel Drive
'You're driving a camper van style car, that can jump! Speed into the oncoming traffic, and hit spac
Metal Slug: Rampage 2Metal Slug: Rampage 2
After all the killing Marco is sent to Iraq to look for Saddam Hussein. Drive down the sand filled t

Beat em up Games

Bloody RageBloody Rage
Mortal Kombat style fighting game. It's a bloody rage!
Dragon Fist 2Dragon Fist 2
Chinese style fighting game.
The Rice Hat WarriorThe Rice Hat Warrior
Cold steel is your only ally. Mercy has no place in your heart.
Sports just isn't the same without the odd riot! In this game you take on the role of a football pla
Towel FighterTowel Fighter
'I have no idea who makes these game ideas, but this is a really clever and fun one! Whip your oppon
Travel around the world trying to knockout all of your opponents in this awesome 2D knockout game. T

Racing Games

Gravity BallGravity Ball
Use the mouse to control the paddle.
Chase 2000Chase 2000
A great racing game from the tail-view angle. Try not to get too competitive!
MiniClip RallyMiniClip Rally
'Ninja, Monkey, and Zed challenge each other to race it out on their home tracks... let the rally be
Rocket BikeRocket Bike
Race around the course with your choice of driver as you look to take control of the track. Use your
Camera KillerCamera Killer
Camera Killer - Ever wanted to take out your frustration on those annoying speed cameras at the side
Stay The DistanceStay The Distance
Great horse racing game. Easy but a bit harsh.

Retro Games

Rush Hour MadnessRush Hour Madness
Can you park the traffic in the least moves?
Simple card game where have to stack the cards from Ace to King.
Tactic CoreTactic Core
A nice battle/war game with armies and armor and weapons.
Space BugsSpace Bugs
'This is a newer version of the classic vertical space shooters, with an promising new look. You've
Goofy GopherGoofy Gopher
Match all the flowers before the sun sets or the Goofy Gopher will eat your flower patch!
Klax 3DKlax 3D
Catch the different colored tiles dropping off a perpetually running conveyor belt and stack them up



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